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Growing Up Strong and Raising Healthy Kids 

Power Source Parenting is a practical and accessible book written for teen and young adult parents and the professionals who support them. It equips teen parents with social-emotional competencies and regulatory skills to become emotionally available and nurturing parents, and to raise their children in a healthy way. The book can be read by young parents on their own, introduced and explored in parenting groups, integrated into individual therapy sessions, or read together with a clinician during home visits. PSP is filled with relevant first-person stories by other young parents that engage participants and bring key issues and concepts to life.

Among the topics included are:

  • The importance of healthy parent-child attachment
  • Coping with the stress of parenting in adaptive ways
  • The benefits of mindfulness practices 
  • Positive discipline practices including how discipline makes parents’ lives easier
  • Managing three-generational living
  • Establishing healthy relationships with partners
  • Breaking cycles of intimate partner violence
  • Understanding the effect of high-risk behavior on one’s children
  • Sections written for young fathers and grandparents
  • Material for mothers whose children have been removed from their custody

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