Lionheart’s educational programs have been integrated into thousands of prisons, juvenile institutions, social service agencies, schools and community programs throughout the United States and abroad.

Houses of Healing
Houses of Healing

for adults in prison and jail

The book Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom, with its new workbook companion, Making Time Count, offer an engaging, research-driven curriculum/program for behavioral change, emotional healing, and successful rehabilitation and reentry.

Power Source

for system-involved and other high-risk youth

A practical and accessible book written for highly at-risk youth to identify their strengths and take control over their lives, while increasing their understanding of the emotions and beliefs driving their high-risk and offending behavior.

Power Source Parenting

for trauma-impacted teen parents

A practical and accessible book written for teen and young adult parents and the professionals who support them. It equips teen parents with social-emotional competencies and regulatory skills to become emotionally available and nurturing parents, and to raise their children in a healthy way.


to support direct care staff serving trauma-exposed youth

Uniquely designed to help staff build the essential and often complex social and emotional regulation skills required to actively manage how they respond to youths’ traumatic stress reactions and challenging behavior.