sb01Currently 1 out of every 100 adults in the U.S. is behind bars. Of these, 94% will be released back into society. It is critical for the health of these individuals, their families and our communities that they be given the tools to heal and live productive lives. Lionheart’s prisoner education program empowers prisoners to take charge of their lives, transform their futures and end the cycle of recidivism. For more information on Prisoner Education. Click Here.

Youth at-Risk

sb02The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has included POWER SOURCE in their list of “What Works in Juvenile Justice,” a repository of evidence-based practices. Lionheart’s youth program empowers adolescents to step out of cycles of negative risk-taking and build the social and emotional skills essential to cultivating resilience and creating a positive future.
For more information on Lionheart’s Youth Programming. Click Here.

Teen Parents

sb03Every minute in the U.S. a child is born to a teen parent, many of whom lack the social and emotional literacy skills to raise healthy children. The negative effects on children born to teen parents are well documented. Lionheart’s teen parent program offers young parents the skills they need to become effective and nurturing caregivers in order to give every child the love they deserve.
For more information on the Teen Parent Program. Click Here.

Youth Staff

sb04For trauma-impacted youth, healing does not take place in a vacuum. It is through stable and caring relationships with adults that youth develop the critical social and emotional skills they need to be successful in life. EQ2 is a unique trauma-informed training and support program for direct care staff to help build transformative relationships with the youth they serve.
For more information on the EQ2 Program. Click Here.

About the Lionheart Foundation

Lionheart provides social emotional literacy education to significantly alter the life course of incarcerated adults, highly at-risk youth and teen parents.

Lionheart’s educational programs have been integrated into thousands of prisons, juvenile institutions, social service agencies, schools and community programs throughout the United States and abroad. To browse pages of our prisoner, at-risk youth, and teen parent curricula. Click Here.

We assure exposure to our prison and youth programs through targeted free distribution efforts, knowing that without this only a tiny fraction of those who could benefit would be given the opportunity.

Lionheart is changing lives and building futures through its prisoner education, at risk youth counseling and the teen parent program.


prison program“…Houses of Healing has made a fundamental difference in me. For the very first time, I take full responsibility for my life and my actions.”


— Inmate, New Jersey State Prison