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The book Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life helps highly at-risk young people increase their understanding of the life experiences, emotions and beliefs that may be driving their high-risk and offending behavior in order to live a more peaceful and productive life. To date, more than 71,000 copies of Power Source are in circulation across the US.

Power Source provides proven strategies for impulse control, anger-management, stress reduction and conflict resolution; explores high-risk behavior such as substance abuse, criminal activity, and gang involvement; helps youth better understand the impact of experiences of childhood abuse and neglect and the resulting feelings of shame, grief, and loss; and provides a framework for the development of a cohesive sense of self and a positive future orientation.

Power Source:

  • Is filled with real-world stories from youth 
  • Can be read individually or used in facilitator-led groups
  • Is appropriate for virtually any organization serving the needs of highly at-risk adolescents, including secure and non-secure juvenile detention centers, residential treatment centers, alternative to incarceration programs, probation, drug treatment programs, private and public schools, and a variety of community-based programs.

“I’ve seen a lot of shit in my life and done a lot, but I never thought some book would change me. When I first got locked up I was out of control – stealing, fighting, drugging. I even hit the fence 4 different times at this juvenile hall to show the system and my friends that I do what I want and that’s the way life is sopposed to be lived.  I was wrong. Now I realize my family has abandoned me. My dads doing life in prison and I need to change. Reading Power Source gave me hope and wisdom and goals. I’m changed and am working on getting college set up for when I get out. Thank you Power Source.”

Corey 17 years old, Pittsburg, PA