La Fuente del Poder Crianza Libro (Digital)




Now in Spanish! Power Source Parenting is a practical and accessible book written for teen and young adult parents and the professionals who support them. This digital download of the Spanish translation of the book allows unlimited use across your entire agency (but please don’t share with any other agencies!).

Power Source Parenting (PSP) equips teen parents with social-emotional competencies and regulatory skills to become emotionally available and nurturing parents, and to raise their children in a healthy way. The book can be read by young parents on their own, introduced and explored in parenting groups, integrated into individual therapy sessions, or read together with a clinician during home visits. PSP is filled with relevant first-person stories by other young parents that engage participants and bring key issues and concepts to life.

Among the topics included are:

  • The importance of healthy parent-child attachment
  • Coping with the stress of parenting in adaptive ways
  • The benefits of mindfulness practices
  • Positive discipline practices including how discipline makes parents’ lives easier
  • Managing three-generational living
  • Establishing healthy relationships with partners
  • Breaking cycles of intimate partner violence
  • Understanding the effect of high-risk behavior on one’s children
  • Sections written for young fathers and grandparents
  • Material for mothers whose children have been removed from their custody