Introducing Lionheart’s New Executive Director!

Introducing Lionheart’s New Executive Director!

Dear Lionheart Community,

Happy, peaceful, richly blessed New Year to you! 

Last year was a big year for The Lionheart Foundation, and this year is off to an auspicious start. After almost 32 years, I recently (12.14.23) stepped down as the Executive Director. I will continue on at Lionheart, focusing on my first love as Program Director of Lionheart’s National Prison Project. I leave the Executive Director role with an incredibly full heart knowing it is the right time and it is being passed on to the right person. After conducting a national search (187 applicants!), Lionheart has the great, good fortune to be leaving the next stage of its growth and impact in the exceptionally capable and lovely hands of Marc Crespi, whom you’ll meet shortly. 

It has been an enormous privilege to serve Lionheart and our community for so many years. When I started Lionheart in 1992, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the impact that our programs would have. I want to thank all who believed in this mission from the beginning, all who have supported and joined us along the way, including Lionheart’s remarkably competent staff, and most importantly, all of the participants who have entrusted us to be stewards of their healing journeys. THAT has been the true privilege of a lifetime. 

Despite working with challenging systems and populations for decades, I look forward to continuing because, bottom line, I love this work, I love and am inspired by the people I engage with, and I never doubt in another human’s capacity for healing, no matter how they may appear. That’s what keeps me moving forward with enthusiasm. Thank you for being on this journey with me!!! 


-Robin Casarjian

Founder Robin Casarjian with Participants of Houses of Healing at California State Prison, Lancaster

Hello Lionheart Community,

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Marc Crespi, and it is my immense honor to begin serving as Lionheart’s new Executive Director. 

My background is in the technology field, where I founded a startup and was the CEO. I also drove product strategy, sales, and marketing at a variety of companies. I look forward to bringing my knowledge into our work at Lionheart, particularly as we expand the digital offerings of all of our programs. You can read more about me here.

I am very passionate about Lionheart’s mission to help people impacted by trauma reconnect with their Core Selves and lead peaceful and productive lives. I firmly believe that when we help each one of us do better, we all do better as a result. I am excited to join this community of like-minded people who are truly striving to make this world a better place. 

Looking forward!

-Marc Crespi

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