Jeanne d’Ornellas Thorel

outreach manager

As a native Brit, Jeanne is currently fulfilling one year of Optional Practical Training under her student visa as Lionheart’s Outreach Manager, after having originally joined as a volunteer. After moving to the United States, Jeanne briefly worked for Harvard’s Cooper Gallery for African African American Art, which expanded her cultural understanding and fueled a curiosity to learn more about America’s history. This interest led to a desire to work with nonprofit organizations committed to social justice. Prior to joining Lionheart, Jeanne put much of her time into different community service projects, volunteering for various organizations that aim to serve disadvantaged children and adults.

Jeanne currently works closely with the Director of Partnerships in overseeing Lionheart’s team of interns, developing marketing and social media efforts, and expanding the use of Lionheart’s programs across the country. Jeanne recently earned a degree in Psychology from Boston University.