Al’Urdun Islam

Al’Urdun Islam is currently Co-founder of a financial literacy program called My Social Network and Co-founder of a youth led initiative Called Youth Truth at Carnegie Hall, where he organizes young people in NYC to speak on matters that impact them and their communities. Also a representative of Life Light Street Productions since 2014, he teaches participants in the South East Queens area and all over NYC Cinematography and skills around interviewing, editing, and everything else when it comes to capturing the moment.
Al’Urdun has a passion for empowering people who have had power stripped from them systematically, geographically and economically by showing and proving through his actions to reverse those errors for the wronged. That is what feeds his vocational health and aligns with his sense of purpose. He is an artist under the name Mr. Tadoww and ode to his entertainment label Tadoww Entertainment LLC ( Al’Urdun is a public speaker who has collaborated with Columbia University, Arts In Corrections, Santa Clara University, Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network amongst other smaller organizations such as Avenues for Justice, NeON Arts, The Door and their Youth Opportunity Hub, CT Justice Advisors, Youth Art & Self Empowerment, and many others.
All in all Al’Urdun Islam is a well seasoned youth advocate, leader and jack of most trades he has encountered in his short time on this earth. If you want to know more he’s on Linkedin under Al’Urdun Islam (you can notice him sporting his trademark cornrows).