Lionheart’s Newest Program

Empowering Direct Care Staff to Build Trauma-Informed Communities for Youth


Using Circles, mindfulness-based practices, and cognitive-behavioral approaches, EQ2 supports staff working with trauma-impacted youth to:

  • Increase their own self-regulation skills to more effectively co-regulate with youth
  • Model and transmit effective social and emotional skills to youth
  • Build more attuned and reparative relationships with youth
  • Manage the stress and conflict that often arises between staff when working with high-need populations to build a trauma-sensitive environment
  • Increase staff understanding of trauma’s impact on youth’s behavior and development
  • Develop resiliency practices that help reduce burnout, secondary-traumatic stress, and turnovers
For an overview of EQ2, view the video below.

The EQ2 Handbook

  • designed to increase resiliency of direct care staff working with high-risk, trauma-impacted youth
  • promotes emotion coaching by increasing awareness of youths’ trauma-related behavior, building relationship-focused competencies, and expanding crisis intervention knowledge
  • focuses on building staff’s own social and emotional skills

 The EQ2 Facilitator Guide

  • includes a comprehensive introductory guide explaining the theory behind EQ2 and best-practices for supporting direct care staff
  • uses a train-the-trainer approach
  • contains the support and guidance to facilitate EQ2 groups, including tips and notes on how best to lead each session.  These aids are written in the margins of the Facilitator Guide
  • provides additional discussion prompts and Circle questions

EQ2 Purchasing Information

EQ2 is purchased as an annual subscription. To make EQ2 economically accessible to all agencies interested in implementing the program, our subscription fees are tiered, based on your organization’s annual operating budget.   Click here for pricing information.

The EQ2 Program subscription includes: 

All individuals serving as facilitators will have access to The EQ2 Learning Program that contains:

  • six modules guiding facilitators through the implementation of the EQ2 program
  • instructional and animated videos
  • audio recordings of mindfulness exercise
  • supplemental resources and “Go To Guides”
  • an assessment tool for EQ2 participants
All agency staff (not just those facilitating or participating in the EQ2 groups) will have access to the EQ2 App that contains:

  • animated videos
  • guided visualizations
  • mindfulness meditations
  • other self-regulation exercises designed to reinforce the material found in the EQ2 participant handbook
  • an interactive daily “Self Check-In”
Enrolled agencies will also receive:

  • EQ2 Participant Handbooks (printed)
  • the Facilitator Guide (printed) which includes material for the 6 EQ2 groups as well as Supplemental Material for refresher sessions
  • a range of supportive materials to help build trauma-sensitive environments (including posters, wristbands, stickers, and a meditation bell)