What Teens Say About Power Source

Excerpts from unsolicited letters from youth:
Names and identifying information have been changed or omitted.

My name is Mike, and I am 18. I was a high-risk youth who messed up pretty bad and ended up on probation for 2 years.  I violated with a week to go and got placed in a residential treatment center for a year and read your book.  I have started a non-profit organization for youth at risk and hold groups for youth at probation meetings.  I have lost 3 years in my life that I can’t make up because of actions that I thought I couldn’t get caught for and actions I didn’t take responsibility for and after reading the Power Source book, I knew it helped me answer a lot of questions that I had longed for an answer to for a long time.  The book helped me and it can help other youth also and I am trying to get youth at risk to see that before it’s too late.  I can’t help all but I can help some and that alone is more of a reason for me to turn awareness into action.
Michael, Youth Mentor/Program Director, New York

… Even though I still have a lot of hurt feelings, Power Source has really helped me out. It’s given me a sense of hope like every thing I ever had questions about were jammed into this book. I couldn’t of put everything so clear my self. Its easy to read and you get a lot of feedback that can help you. Man thanks for taking the time out your life to write this book to help those in need for hope in life, because I know how it feels to feel hopeless, and now things are looking a whole lot more hopeful. I am sure that this book will help millions of adolesense such as my self get in touch with the real them and help them loose that mask that keeps us from being the real us …your book is great.
Pete 16 years old

Dear Reader! My name is Eric and I’m a ward-inmate at the _____. I have this “Power Source” book in front of me right now on the desk in my cell and I want to let you know that any one going threw hardships in there life should open up this book. My life on the outs was all about stealing, fighting, using drugs, and not learning from my mistakes. I’m committed to ____ because I stole a car and crashed it while under the influence. I’ve been locked up for three years and have 5 months or so left. My birthday is tomorrow and I’m not really happy but I’ll finally be eighteen, which means its time to step up and be a man. Anyhow, this “Power Source” book is going to remain with me because this is something you can read over and over… because it’s a guide to making you a mature and responsible human being. I thank the lionheart foundation for supporting those in the need. Thank you.

HI My name is Brendon. I am in _____ youth center serving 14 months. I have only 2 to go. I fear that I will only go into the adult system if I don’t get the help I need. I really want and need the help. I have a friend who has a copy of a book called “Power Source” and he says it has helped him see things differently and I can see it has helped him. But I do not have any money cause my family lives too far away so I was wondering if you nice people can send me a copy so I can read it and hopefully see things differently too.
Sincerely, Brendon

Hello my name is Melissa. I am 14 years old. I have been in and out of the ___ Youth Center since I was 10. It’s a juvinial jail its hard I have had my last 3 birthdays either in here or a placement my birthday is coming up on September 10th and I am locked up again. Everything in your book power source taking charge of your life has been apart of my life I mean everything except the anger part. I have 13 months to do and then 8 months parole. A lot actually most a all the stories in that book brought tears to my eyes. I never really looked at how there are so many people that have the same life as me and worse. I never really had a child hood I raised my little sister was raped always around D& A fighting arguing pregnant at 13. The gang life…
Well this book actually helped me know that there are people who do understand my life and I can talk about it.
Sincerely, Melissa

Dear Lionheart Foundation
Your book Power Source has changed my life entirely.  I have been in and out of placement for the last 4 years then a month ago I got a chance to read your book then my whole world changed. I used to do all the high risk behavior you listed in your book except two.  But now I have a plan after I get out to go to college to become a counsler and a preacher and its all because of your book. Thank you so very much for everything.
Sincerely, William, Locked youth facility Virginia

To whom it may consern,
I just got done reading “Power Source” for the second time and it’s realy amazing to me how much this book can change your life if you let it…  you see I’m in JCC which is a Juvenile Correction Center and it seemed like nothing could ever change me Well I was wrong and now after 17 months of doing nothing I’m starting to change

To whom this may concern,
I am a youth in a juvenile correction center in South Carolina.  I started reading this book as a means to pass time.  Apon reading this book I was in a mind to kill my self over troubles at home.  I am a kid of very high risks and destructive behaviors.  I think this book has helped me a lot spiritually and mentally.  Without this book I don’t think I could over come some of my situations.
Thank you.  Jake

Dear Power Source,
I would like to thank you people for making this book because Power Source has helped me know that what ever happened to me when I was 8 years old was not my fault because I was a kid. I got sexual abuse by my moms boyfriend I first got arrested at the age of 12 years because I could not control my behavior or my anger.
When I started reading this book I learned that I could take control over my life, my behavior and my thinking. I learned how to do meditation and how I can forgive my self, and take responsibility for my problems that I did in my life.
I did drugs and I also did alcohol when I was 12 years old because it got rid of all my pain from me at the time when I was using. Thank you Power Source for making a book that could change peoples lives just like it did me.
Ted   17 years old.  Locked up.

I have a big problem with my anger and what you had to say about anger made me see a whole new definition of it and I tried the things in their to help control my anger and it actuly worked.
Gerry 17 years old

I read this book because I needed help. I’m 15 years old. I’ve done thing most of these kids would not think of. But it all started when my best friend died 2 years ago. When I was 13. She was shot 7 times in the chest, right in front of me.  Thats when I got heavy into drugs to ease the pain. ………… I’m sitting in Kentucky in a detention home for the youth right now telling you this story. Because now by the help of your book I learned to get over her death and stop doing drugs – not just cause I’m in jail did stop doing drugs.  But when I get out I’ll never do them again. Thank you so much for your book.
Sincerely,  Mike

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