What Professionals Say About Power Source

All 10 of the free copies of POWER SOURCE that you sent us are in use… The reading level is appropriate for even our juveniles with limited academic ability. Our young men read the book beyond reading assignments. They ask in our classes, ‘When are we going to read from POWER SOURCE again’. The book is real and it is full of hope.
Marie Matthews, Chaplain and Counselor, Dakota Horizons Youth Center, Federal Facility. North Dakota

The activities in POWER SOURCE are really pertinent. I am so grateful to have this material. It is so beautifully put together, so easy to prepare, and custom built for the young people I work with.
Stepanie Osmond, LICSW, MA DYS

I recently received 12 copies of Power Source for the male students I teach.  They are able to relate to it like no other material before.
Teacher, West Virginia

I was given Power Source by a probation officer from another state. He informed me that it was the most helpful book he has read in a long time. It touches every issue that the high-risk boys that I work with are struggling with. This is the book I’ve been looking for.
Instructor, Texarkana, Arkansas

There have been 30,000 kids here [juvenile detention facility] since I’ve been here, in just six years.  I see that our widespread use of Power Source will profoundly deepen the impact we can make with this enormous number of youth. I have discussed the program with CA state correctional education leaders for use at the DJJ (prisons for youth in CA). I envision a movement in California with Power Source and intend to be a strong voice for its implementation… Of the 15,000 books in our library, Power Source is the best book.”  Thank you, thank you for this exceptional resource.
Jane Guttman, Ph.D. Library Media Specialist. Juvenile Court Schools, San Bernadino, CA

My staff and I have researched and evaluated numerous programming resources over the years.  We have experienced varied results in our work with at-risk youth through implementation of these programs.  When approached by the Lionheart Foundation, we were understandably curious about the Power Source Program.  Our positive impressions of the material, combined with enthusiastic staff response, convinced us to immediately facilitate groups using the program.  While all the groups have been effective in dealing with at-risk youth, the girls Power Source group facilitated by our juvenile probation officers has been so outstanding that it has received statewide attention for its innovative approach to gender-specific issues.
Director of the Juvenile Division of the 19th Judicial Circuit.  Lake County, Illinois

As a school social worker in an alternative education program, I work with at-risk youth daily. Our program serves approximately 160 students from the Cayuga County school districts.  Many of the students have adapted their lives to cope with neglect and abuse.  They frequently become involved in criminal activity, school truancy, use and abuse of substances, unsafe sex, and numerous other impulsive behaviors. We have all incorporated the Power Source book and facilitators’ manual into our groups with students.  The modules zero in on issues that are critical to enhancing positive change in young people.  I speak for our entire staff when I express our appreciation for the techniques, strategies, exercises, and overall content of Power Source.  I believe that for those students who are ready, it truly is a tool to enhance their ability to “take charge of their lives.”  Thank you for this resource.
Social Worker, Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, Auburn, NY

The Power Source book has been heaven sent to the residents and staff. This is the one book that staff can actually agree is positive in our program overall. It is also the one group the residents relate to and request. It has great information that helps the residents to replace negative behavior. The coping skills offered let them see there is a way to make peace with the past. It has also let them see each other with their guards down and realize they are more alike than different, therefore empathy takes a stand…  It is great to see them feel hope for changing their lives.  THANK YOU.
Counselor, Juvenile Detention Center, Silver Springs, Colorado

I have found that teens of all race and background find the majority of the book relevant to their situations.  This makes my job much easier, as teens don’t often believe an adult could POSSIBLY understand them.
Therapist, Community Program, Stuart, Florida

The materials are comprehensive and clear. Those who read Power Source are better for it. I have had many conversations with the boys about what they think. They often leave with new ways of looking at their life.
Library Media Specialist, Juvenile Correctional Facility, Plainfield, Indiana

Power Source allows for such diverse opportunities to teach clients.  I have found this to be one of the best resources offered to clients and facilitators. My clients engage much easier and with motivation when doing groups. I absolutely LOVE the curriculum and have found it to be an invaluable tool in my work as a clinician. Thank you!”
Clinical Counselor, Residential Treatment Center,  Rhinebeck, New York

First of all, let me say how impressed I am with the Power Source book and manual. I brought it home with me, expecting to skim it.  Instead I found myself completely absorbed by the wisdom, comprehensiveness and logical sequencing of the approach. Other staff became as enthusiastic about it as I am.
Crisis Intervention Specialist, Quincy, CA.

I have found the Power Source books and facilitator manual incredibly useful in providing treatment. I have not seen literature treated with such respect in our facility in the six years I have worked here. ..You seem to be able to reach young people and speak to them in a way that is truly special.  Thank you for your commitment to this country’s youth.
Clinician, Meridian, Idaho

The kids universally like and enjoy the content, which is unusual… kids tell other kids about it and then they request the book even when the group isn’t offered.
Child Psychologist. New Castle County Detention Center, Delaware

I have been using Power Source for an anger management group with boys in a residential treatment facility.  I am so impressed with the reaction I’ve gotten from them.  Several boys have asked me if they could do more work out of this book and get copies to borrow and/or keep! I am truly amazed at what a hit this has been with them.
Clinician, Schenectady, New York

Power Source is the most requested book inside our detention center.
Librarian, High Desert Juvenile Detention Center, Hesperia, CA

Thanks so much to your outreach worker for giving me a phone call the other day. Power Source is exactly what I have been looking for.
Coordinator of Special Projects, Lawrenceville, VA

Power Source is exactly the type of resource we need to try to empower the kids in our care.
Superintendent, County Detention Home, Madison, WI

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