The Power Source Program

Power Source, Lionheart’s evidence-based social and emotional learning program for highly at-risk adolescents, is now on the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) “What Works in Juvenile Justice”, a repository of evidence-based programs.

Power Source is

EASY to use.  SIMPLE to deliver.  ENGAGING to youth.

The Power Source program is a proven, evidence-based SEL program for high-risk youth. Designed to be a standalone program for anyone helping youth at-risk, Power Source equips adolescents with the social and emotional regulation skills they need to build healthy relationships, break intergenerational cycles of violence, addiction and other high-risk behaviors, and be successful in the workforce.

This unique and transformative program is both preventative and rehabilitative. Power Source guides highly at-risk adolescents and young adults in discovering their own resilience, while building the skills associated with healthy social and emotional development.

 An effective resource for the real world…

  • This program is designed for educators, clinicians, mental health professionals, and youth workers who offer educational and rehabilitative programming in:
  • High schools serving trauma-impacted youth engaging in health-risk behaviors;
  • Secure and non-secure detention centers;
  • Diversion and alternative to incarceration programs;
  • Residential treatment centers and facilities;
  • After school and community-based programs.

The Flexibility of the Power Source Program

The Power Source Program can be used:

  • As a stand-alone, social-emotional curriculum;
  • As an adjunct to existing substance abuse, anger management, offender, life skills, and gang reduction programs;
  • In a variety of formats –
    • In group settings
    • One-to-one (with a staff/facilitator and a youth)
    • By youth working on their own

Two Approaches to facilitating the Power Source Program:

Approach #1

  • Involves using the Power Source book and the Power Source Workbook together in a group or individual format.  This approach provides high-impact exercises, with little time needed for planning and preparing for groups.
  • The 4 Power Source DVDs can be used to augment this material.
  • Allows the Power Source Program to be delivered in a highly flexible format (e.g. youth can read the book and do worksheets from the workbook independently; the material can be used in individual sessions; the material can be used in easy-to-run groups.)

 Approach #2

  • Involves facilitating the Power Source Program utilizing a structured, 13-Session Power Source Facilitator’s Manual.
  • Will integrate key elements from the Power Source book, workbook, and videos.
  • The revised Power Source Facilitator Manual (available in Spring 2018) builds on a multi-year randomized-controlled study funded by NIH. Until this time, an electronic version of the research protocol along with the original printed manual are available.


The Power Source Program is perfect for you if…

  • You have limited resources to invest in materials.
  • You require evidence-based programming.
  • You struggle to find programming that kids love to learn and your staff loves facilitating.
  • High staff turnover often results in program expertise and knowledge loss.

The Power Source Program offers solutions that are…

  • Affordable—We work closely with our printers to keep our printing costs low and our quality high in order to offer our program materials at a very reasonable price to you.
  • Accessible—packed with highly engaging stories, exercises, and simple, but powerful mindfulness activities. Students will enjoy learning and practicing new skills that lead to social and emotional well-being.
  • Requires no additional staff training—the Power Source Program is so easy to use, you can get started with minimal effort and no additional training investment.
  • Simple to deliver— Youth read from the Power Source book; practice easy-to-learn mindfulness skills; complete the accompanying Power Source Workbook worksheet; and share their work in circles. Easy and effective!
  • Highly accepted by youth—builds SEL skills using first-person stories and issues that are relevant and engaging to high-risk youth.

“Power Source is a priceless gift for all young people and the adults who care about them.  It is clear, concise, fully relevant and accessible…

             ~Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D., author of  “Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers and Counselors Can Help “Bad Boys” Become Good Men”

The Power Source program helps build youth’s capacity to…

  • Develop a cohesive and healthy sense of self and future orientation in the wake of trauma;
  • Recognize the emotional, social, and situational factors that lead to risk-taking and develop health-promoting behaviors in their place;
  • Increase interpersonal skills including managing conflict, repairing relationships, taking responsibility for one’s actions, self-advocacy, and seeking help;
  • Acquire the Social and Emotional skills associated with workplace readiness success;
  • Select positive peers and acquire the skills to maintain those relationships;
  • Identify individual and situational factors leading to substance use and learn alternative coping strategies;
  • Build skills to tolerate and manage distressing emotions such as anger, disrespect, shame, and fear. 
“Your book Power Source has changed my life entirely.  I have been in and out of placement for the last 4 years then a month ago I got a chance to read your book then my whole world changed. I used to do all the high risk behavior you listed in your book except two.  But now I have a plan after I get out to go to college to become a counselor and a preacher and it’s all because of your book. Thank you so very much for everything.”

~William, 17 years old
Locked Youth Facility, Virginia

Get started with the Power Source Program today!

The centerpiece of the Power Source program is the book, Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life written by psychologist Bethany Casarjian, Ph.D., and Houses of Healing author Robin Casarjian, M.A.  It is augmented by the Power Source Workbook, Power Source Facilitator’s Manual, the Power Source Video Series, and the Power Source Professional Training on DVD.

To get started with the program, you can purchase the Power Source book and the Power Source Workbook. Just these two resources provide a high-impact social-emotional curriculum. The books can be used and re-used, however the workbook is designed for each student to receive and keep his or her own copy.

Depending on your particular needs, our additional programming resources can help support you as a facilitator.


Read more about our offerings below.

 Power Source – The Book                           Available in English and Spanish

Power Source Book, EnglishHelp highly at-risk youth identify their strengths and take control over their lives!

Our core program resource is the Power Source book.  This accessible and innovative book helps adolescents understand and take control of the emotions and beliefs driving their high-risk behavior.  It has been distributed to more than 3500 programs across the United States.

Power Source: Taking Charge of  Your Life can be read individually or used in facilitator-led groups.  The material is appropriate for virtually any organization serving the needs of highly at-risk adolescents, including juvenile institutions, detention centers, drug treatment programs, private and public schools, and a variety of community-based programs.

Topics include: risk-taking, identity and the development of a cohesive sense of self, anger, the impact of trauma, intergenerational family cycles, emotional regulation, substance use, responsibility taking, empathy development, gang involvement, healthy relationship building, and positive future orientation.

Find out more about the Power Source book & purchase now.

 The Power Source Workbook                           

Power Source WorkbookGo deeper. Flexible and engaging exercises to teach and reinforce essential social and emotional skills.

With the addition of the Power Source Workbook to your curriculum, reinforce and expand upon the simple, but powerful skills covered in the Power Source book.

The Power Source Workbook blends reading from the Power Source book with proven change-promoting exercises and approaches. Intended for each participant to keep his or her own copy. Can be used individually or in groups.

The Workbook also addresses unique topics not included in the Power Source book.  Some of these included situation selection and situation modification skills, a wide range of work-readiness skills, active listening and communication skills, problem solving, goal setting and perspective taking.

Find out more about the Power Source Workbook & purchase now.


“The Workbook is an amazing tool designed to build skills and competencies in all young people but especially those impacted by trauma or identified as being “at-risk.”  Every public, private, or charter school would benefit by integrating or adopting this as part of their SEL curriculum.”

~John Hudson, Ed.M.
Former HS Principal, School District Dropout Prevention Supervisor


Additional Power Source Resources

We are committed to helping you create the best possible learning environment for at-risk youth by offering engaging, effective, and affordable programming for you and the youth you serve. In addition to our core programming —The Power Source book and Workbook—we offer the following resources and training.

Video series to enhance the delivery of the Power Source Program for highly at risk youth

Manual for professional and volunteer working with youth at risk .

Training for professionals working with highly at risk youth on DVD


The Power Source
Video Series

This optional 4-video series is a dynamic, interactive option to further broaden and intensify the learning experience with the Power Source book and Workbook.

The series is designed to be used with both groups and individuals.

Sample the video content and order now.

The Power Source Facilitator’s Manual

 (Revised edition available in 2018.) The Facilitator’s Manual is a comprehensive resource to help facilitate a structured 13-session program. The manual synthesizes material from the PS book, workbook, and videos, and includes additional group-based activities. The revised Power Source Facilitator Manual (available in Spring 2018) builds on a multi-year randomized-controlled study funded by NIH. Until its publication, an electronic version of the research protocol along with the original printed manual are available.

Take a peak inside and order now.

The Power Source Professional Training 

Although not necessary to facilitate the program, this DVD set (produced in 2010) makes a Power Source professional training available to programs across the country. It gives organizations the opportunity to conduct a Power Source staff training at any time, review the training when most opportune, and train new employees as they join the staff.

Learn about this training and order now.



NEW!  The Power Source Posters help create an inviting and dynamic learning environment for the adolescents you serve.  The posters augment the Power Source Program, equipping  adolescents with the social and emotional regulation skills they need to build healthy relationships, break intergenerational cycles of violence, high-risk behaviors, and be successful in the workforce.

Research for the Power Source Program was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA; R01 DA 024764).  You may read more about Power Source as an evidence-based intervention on the Power Source Research page.

You may also read additional feedback from professionals and teens on their experience with the Power Source program.

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