The Power Source Professional Training On DVD

The Power Source Professional Training on DVD makes this professional training available to programs across the country. It gives organizations, large and small, the opportunity to conduct a Power Source staff training at any time, review the training when most opportune, and train new employees as they join the staff. It is highly cost effective and ideal for professionals utilizing the Power Source Program with youth at risk.

Training for professionals working with highly at risk youth on DVDThe training is presented by Bethany Casarjian, Ph.D. and Robin Casarjian, M.A., co-authors of Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life.  It offers the theoretical basis of the program and emphasizes practical clinical tools to increase effectiveness of delivery.

Participants are given a new synthesis of theory and practical skills. The training presents concepts and techniques to end the cycle of high-risk behavior for adolescents and offers approaches to integrate aspects of the Power Source program into individual and group work.

The Power Source program is predicated on several well-examined areas of research including social cognitive theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based treatment.

This training supports social workers, psychologists, mental health professionals, and any other professionals working on the frontlines with highly at-risk adolescents in a counseling capacity.

Utilizing the Power Source Professional Training on DVD
This Power Source Professional Training is approximately six hours in length and consists of 10 modules. There is a considerable amount of material to digest in each segment and we suggest viewing it in intervals of approximately one hour. You might choose to offer the training once a week for six weeks as part of a regular staff training or however it best suits your needs. It can be viewed in a group setting or watched individually.

The training consists of:

  • The theoretical framework of the Power Source program
  • The authors teaching components of the program to young people
  • The opportunity for professionals to engage in key Power Source exercises
  • Relevant segments from the Power Source Video Series

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Intro by Robin Casarjian

Power Source Risk Taking VideoView video segment

Beth Casarjian on the Cycle of Risk

Power Source Meditation VideoView video segment

Beth Casarjian on Disrespect, Anger and Shame

Power Source Families VideoView video segment

A segment on Lost Childhoods and Entitlement

Power Source Lost Childhoods and Entitlement VideoView video segment

The Power Source Professional Training on 4 DVDs

    1. DVD #1

    2. Introduction 17:46
    3. Risk-Taking 46:48
    4. Meditation 50:36
    1. DVD #2

    2. The Core Self 25:58
    3. Disrespect, Anger and Shame 42:35
    4. The Emotional Weather Report 17:38
    1. DVD #3

    2. Families 24:09
    3. Lost Childhoods 34:37
    1. DVD #4

    2. Offending 47:42
    3. Future 48:3


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