The Power Source Facilitators’ Manual

Manual for professional and volunteer working with youth at risk .The Lionheart Foundation developed the Power Source Facilitators’ Manual to assist staff and clinicians in implementing a Power Source program.

Some of the features:

  • The Manual presents an 11-module program, which can be tailored to fit within your time parameters.
  • It provides a rationale for the inclusion of each topic presented in the manual, goals to be accomplished for each module, and notes to facilitators to help guide the process.
  • It offers a variety of therapeutic exercises, including discussion topics, role-plays, vignettes, reflective written exercises, meditations, and guided visualizations.
  • Flexible application is a key component of the manual. The program is designed to function as a comprehensive stand-alone treatment, or it can be used to augment existing programs (substance abuse, anger management, life skills, etc.)
  • The manual is intended as a resource in individual or group therapy.

To look inside the Power Source Facilitators’ Manual, please click here.