What Teen Parents Say About Power Source Parenting

Feedback from teen mothers using the program:

The book really inspired me. I took a real interest in this book. It warmed my brain with a lot of thoughts about my life. The horrible situations I went through during my childhood nobody can believe. This book made me stronger and more confident as a parent.
Jen 16 years old

I’m living in a group home with 12 other girls and their kids.  Once a week we have group and we read Power Source Parenting.  Your book helps me a lot in different ways.  My daughter is a handful and she’s gonna be 2 years old.  If its not her way it’s nobodys way.  When she use to do something wrong I never knew what to do with her. So we read your book and it said to use time-outs.  Well using time-outs work really well.
Alicia 17 years old

Power Source Parenting group really helped me out with punishment. It taught me a lot about how to deal with temper tantrums and so much more.  Its like I see parenting in another way now. I don’t want my baby going though what I went through. Like no love shown to me. I want to give him all the love I got.
Ginny 17 years old


What participants in the Power Source Parenting Pilot Study had to say…..
The program was really fun to me. It was really interesting. It does help me in being an effective mother.  I didn’t know what being an effective mother was. I didn’t know how to treat a child when they’re having tantrums. There’s a lot of stuff I learned. I think I’ll be a better mother now because now I know how to deal with kids when they have tantrums, like how to treat them good. I learned how to be more patient. Like whenever I’m really frustrated, I think about a cool thought. I feel like this program is excellent for young parents. I feel like we learned a lot.

Before I didn’t have patience with my son. And like I would get frustrated quick and not know what to do, but the program taught me how to breathe and think cool thoughts and calm myself down before I take it out on the baby, and that helped me out a lot.  Now I do that and I feel much better. One of the most important things in the group I learned was that if my son was to touch something, distract him with another thing instead of yelling at him and making him mad. The crazy thing is that I wouldn’t have done that cuz I didn’t know. I think it teaches a lot of patience and a lot of things that other moms should know that they probably don’t know right now. Because I learned a lot that I didn’t know. What do I get out of slowing down? I get a happy baby, not a crying baby. He’s more happy than when I was just being rough with him and making him cry and going crazy myself.  It makes everything better. It makes it more relaxed. And he feels more comfortable with me and it gives him more trust in me.

I learned how to actually bond with my daughter because we always had a little issue where she wouldn’t listen to me. And she’s starting to listen to me now. The sheets you guys give us on learning how to talk to them, hold them, play with them, look them in the eyes… like she likes that. She likes the attention.  My temper is just a bit off.  When she doesn’t do something, I get really angry. Like I don’t hit her, but I yell. And now I’ve learned how to talk to her.  Everyone liked this group. It was just helpful because we all have kids and we all have trouble handling them. It made it a lot easier.  I just want to say thank you. It really helped me with her.

Before this program, like every time my kid would have temper tantrums I wouldn’t know what to do. I would just usually be like, “Oh my God, what’s wrong?!” Like I would yell at her. Now I take a mommy time-out and just be calmer. And be patient with her cuz all babies do it. I have to remember all babies do it. But the group taught me a lot. Before I started the group I would’ve went crazy. But after reading the book I know what to do. And I know that everything’s gonna be alright.

I think I will be a more effective mother now because I learned how to be more patient with my daughter. I usually have no patience with her.  It really helped me a lot. I think one of the most important things was the oreo, cuz I don’t know how to talk to her father without talking to him in the wrong way. I tried the oreo and it did work. From doing these things I’ve noticed that I’m more calm. I don’t lash out. You don’t talk to your kid in the wrong way. I think the group was very helpful.

I think I will be a more effective mother because of what I learned from Power Source Parenting. It taught me how to go about things, it taught me how to deal with my child, how to be patient, how to take a minute for myself and actually take in how he acts and his reactions. It makes me more patient. My son’s bed time: like before he used to give me a really hard time, wanted to be up until like 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, watching TV, you know, watching the portable with a kids show. After the Power Source group I learned that I can give him stuff. Not give him stuff, but make him want to go to sleep to get something, like give him privileges. Like I started the star chart, and I love it. Like honestly, I love it. I put the stickers up, I tell him “Devon, you go to sleep, you wake up, you can put the sticker on your chart.” If he did it for three days in a row, he got a prize. So that’s something, that when I first came to the group I didn’t know how to handle, and now I do, and I’m doing it great. He’s going to bed on time and waking up and going to school. I learned a lot and I thought I kind of knew it all and had it all together. But you find out a lot of ways to deal with your child and just stay focused and patient and ‘freeze, breathe, and choose.’ I’m more relaxed. Nothing really bothers me as much. I’m more kind of calm, trying to get into my kids, see what they want. When they come to me crying I know how to handle it way much better.

I do “freeze, breathe and choose” a lot. Every time I feel like I’m about to get frustrated and go crazy I just walk out the room and freeze, breathe, and choose. Then I come back in and everything feels so much better. And just breathing to myself feels good too. I really took a lot from the group. The group is wonderful. The book is great. I read the whole thing. I’m not a reader, but that book really motivates you the way its sorted out cuz you have a lot of experiences that other people dealt with.  It feels kind of amazing to read something and you know you lived it and other teen girls wrote it. I love it.

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