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The teens who participated in the Power Source Parenting groups, found the information informative, useful, and fun! They reported feeling validated and hopeful. They looked forward to group every week and were totally engaged. Power Source Parenting is an invaluable resource for any professional working with teen parents.
Elizabeth Dugan, Program Director, St. Mary’s Women and Children’s Center, Boston, MA

I work with teen moms and will be implementing Power Source Parenting as part of a curriculum in my TeenWorks mom’s group. I am very impressed with how genuine this book is. It is difficult to find reading material that connects with youth as either the author tends to “try too hard” to connect which causes the book to be disingenuous, or they alienate the young reader with a writing style they cannot relate to. Thank you for supporting us with this book that gets to the heart and soul of being a young parent in these times.
Executive Director, Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center

I have been working at this group home for pregnant and parenting teens for nearly 5 years doing various groups with the girls and I have never experienced anything that could grab the girl’s attention like Power Source Parenting.  Not only did they listen (and behave in group) but many of them put into practice the skills the book teaches and many improved their relationships with family members, including their baby’s father.
Assistant Program Manager, Lutheran Community Services

What I like about this book is the down to earth approach from the perspectives of the young inexperienced parent and the clear and insightful comments from the author.  Most of my parents who struggle with parenting skills were not parented themselves.  These parents have nothing solid to base any decision on in regards to any aspect of parenting and are still learning to take care of themselves. Parenting is difficult even when one has had a stable childhood and when excellent child rearing skills have been modeled.  For those who missed those opportunities,Power Source Parenting is definitely the place to begin. I’d love to give a copy to all my clients.
Janet M., Case Manager

At our monthly staff meeting yesterday Power Source Parenting received rave reviews! With no exceptions, all staff members had positive things to say about it. Thank you and your organization for this breath of fresh air!
Executive Director, Teen Parenting Program

Power Source Parenting is awesome!   When I started reading the book I did not want to put it down.  I felt I could relate to the stories in the book whether I was 14 or 24 years old.  I am 24 now and I can remember when I had my first daughter at 14, having the feeling the teens in the book described. This book has offered not only many techniques and skills to better myself as a parent but has now offered me the opportunity to pay it forward.  I definitely plan on teaching all the techniques in the book in our support groups.
Erica D., Health Educator

Thank you so much for your donation of 10 fabulous Power Source Parenting books.  We will utilize them for many years to come with the very high-risk families that we serve.
Director of Nursing, Nurses for Newborns Foundation, St. Louis, MO

The book is wonderful! It is not just for teens as I see value for most of our parents with young children. The chapter for Dads is great.  I want to use it at our Father Support Team Meetings.
Parent Involvement Coordinator, Head Start, N.C.

I read the book and it is great.  I passed on information about the book to the 26 health departments that I work with that serve young adolescent parents.
Regional SW Consultant, Department of Health & Human Services, N.C.

Power Source Parenting has been a great resource.  I shared it with a 17 year old mother with a runaway history.  It was a big help to her as it helped her to clarify her goals and realize the affect that her actions would have on her child in the long run.
Nancy P., LMSW, Hattiesburg, MS

I am the School Social Worker at an alternative high school. We are seeing a significant rise in teen pregnancies this school year.  I was loaned a copy of your Power Source Parenting book from a former coworker.  After spending a weekend totally absorbed in this book, I think it is just what I’ve been looking for.
J. B. LSW, Grand Forks, ND

I am so thankful to receive your publication, “Power Source Parenting.” The population that we serve has been overlooked and under-served. The book you sent to me addresses the many, many issues these young woman face. Fortunately, most of them are ready to listen when they enroll in our program. Because we are partially funded by the Department of Human Services, we are mandated to teach parenting life/skills to our students everyday. Hence, your book is a perfect resource for us. None of the books we have used in the past have encapsulated all of the material we feel is necessary to present to these young women. And with PSP we are able to present this very important information in an organized and logical sequence.
Education Supervisor, Looking Glass Teen Parent Program, Eugene, Oregon

I have included information about PSP as a resource for educators of teen parents in a newsletter that our Center for Parenting sends to about 175 parent educators across the state of Tennessee. They love it… Thanks for letting me know about this great resource.
Professor, University of Tennessee, Extension Family & Consumer Sciences

Power Source Parenting gives young parents vital information, practical tools, a clear picture of challenges they will face and skillful ways to meet those challenges.  Through the combination of helping build social/emotional literacy skills and addressing the issues of being a young mom or dad, Power Source Parenting gives these parents what they need and deserve. This book is a powerful gift to young parents providing a map for them to do the most important job in the world – be a parent!
Molly Baldwin, Director, Roca, Inc  Chelsea, MA

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