Video #4: Lost Childhoods and Entitlement

In the Lost Childhoods and Entitlement: Dealing With Unfairness in Life video, the concept of losing part of one’s childhood through abuse, neglect, or violence is explored. Many youth whose early physical and psychological needs were not met find themselves locked in cycles of high-risk behavior as a means to satisfy their present needs and wants. They often feel entitled to steal or to break the rules and norms as a means to “even the score”. The video helps youth identify the feelings arising from experiences of early deprivation, reinforces how entitlement behavior leads to greater personal loss, and guides them in developing effective skills in meeting their current social, emotional, and physical needs.


  • Explores the concept of “lost childhoods” and helps youth identify feelings that arise when basic emotional and physical needs are not met by caregivers.
  • Examines the heightened belief of life’s unfairness associated with abusive and neglectful childhood experiences.
  • Presents a unique model called “entitlement thinking” that underscores the link between feelings of deprivation and high-risk behavior such as stealing and aggression.
  • Provides strategies to help youth effectively cope with entitlement feelings and reduce risk-behaviors.
  • Empowers youth through continued reinforcement of the “core self” model.
  • Presents a guided meditation to help youth increase emotional and behavioral self-regulation.

Time: 23 minutes
Throughout the video are clear cues to facilitate group discussion.

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