UPDATED: Lionheart Expands Reach with Over 70 Houses of Healing Federal Purchases

Over the summer, we shared the very exciting news that Lionheart’s program for incarcerated adults, Houses of Healing, was recently featured in the Bureau of Prisons First Step Act Approved Programs Guide. Since June, Lionheart has seen a boom in purchases of the Houses of Healing book

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This map shows Houses of Healing purchases made by federal prisons nationwide since June, as of 10/13/21.

The aim of the First Step Act is to prioritize sentencing and prison reforms. One outcome of this is the newly published Approved Programs Guide, which makes effective prison programming more accessible to federal prisons – and Houses of Healing provides just that. The option to select our prison program means that participants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make positive changes in their lives.  

To learn more about Houses of Healing, click here.