The Lionheart Foundation: Overview

06/05/19 0

Lionheart Overview

The Lionheart Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves prisoners, highly at risk youth, and at risk teen parents and the professionals who work with them nationwide:

  • Creates exceptional quality curricula resources and programs and provides direct emotional literacy education programs to our target populations through staff and volunteers.
  • Provides resources and training for professionals who work with our target populations.
  • Identifies a vast array of programs and institutions and effectively delivers our resources to those they are intended to serve.
  • Assures exposure to our resources through free nationwide distribution, knowing that without it only a tiny fraction of those who could benefit would be given the opportunity.
  • Promotes our resources and programs through The Lionheart Website ( ) Online Marketing and Social Media Channels.
  • Conducts research on the efficacy of our programs to meet the demand for evidence-based materials.
  • And, conducts public education on the need for transforming our nation’s prisons and juvenile institutions into places where inspiring positive values and teaching skills necessary for healthy functioning in our communities are primary goals.

After 25 years, Lionheart is still moving forward, full tilt, developing resources that will serve for decades, changing lives in profound ways, and making significant contributions to the professional literature and cutting-edge field of social-emotional learning ( SEL ).