The training provided new skills. It caused me to stop and think about how I handle situations and about all the trauma that our kids have experienced. It allowed me to look at the youth in a different light and gave me more understanding and patience.

EQ2 has helped me to look deeper into the underlying causes of behavior and to be more effective in my role when extreme behaviors and thoughts arise.

Whenever I felt disrespected I used to react right away. But now before I react, I breathe. I take my time and use a Cool Thought.

EQ2 allowed me to step outside of the frustration of behavioral management and recall what drives me to do this work.

I thought that I was being objective in most situations but realized that there was definitely better ways to go about things.

I loved this training! The things we learned not only helped me with the youth we work with but it helped me with my own kids. Thank you Beth for making the day awesome.

I got to go through the EQ2 sessions in full…they are AWESOME! I absolutely love the content and the topics! This should be mandatory for staff working with young people!