An Update on The National Solitary Project

We recently announced the launch of our newest initiative: The National Solitary Project. Here’s an update on our progress so far.

UPDATED: Lionheart Expands Reach with Over 70 Houses of Healing Federal Purchases

An update on our Houses of Healing purchases as a result of the First Step Act: between June-September, Lionheart received a tremendous 71 Houses of Healing purchases from federal prisons nationwide!

Houses of Healing in Federal BOP First Step Act List

Lionheart’s program for incarcerated adults was recently included in the Approved Programs Guide published by the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. Read more about the listing of Houses of Healing among other approved, standardized prison programs.

What Makes Prison Programming Effective?

Effective programming in prison and jail has been shown to be a powerful means of reducing recidivism and empowering people to turn their lives around. Yet, many institutions struggle to put forth and incentivize programs optimally.

Exclusive Q&A with Lionheart’s Executive Director and Author of Houses of Healing, Robin Casarjian

Learn about Robin’s work with incarcerated individuals and Lionheart’s newly-released self-study program, Making Time Count.