Lionheart Thanks Our UX Designers

At the Lionheart Foundation we are committed to expanding the reach and impact of our programs. Much of this work wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and expertise of incredibly talented volunteers. Today we’d like to thank Emilie and Marco.

Why Choose EQ2 for Your Direct Care Workers?

Watch this video, or read the transcript, to learn about Matt’s decision to care for his direct care workers by implementing Lionheart’s EQ2 program.

Just the Boost We Needed!

The Association of Children’s Residential and Community Services (ACRC) gave us just the boost we needed by bringing together partners from across the world to explore best-practices to build transformative and healing communities for youth.

Lionheart’s EQ2 Program Implemented in Massachusetts Teen Parenting Programs

With the support of the Gardiner Howland Shaw and J.W. Alden Foundations, Lionheart has been able to strengthen the “villages” of 8 residential programs by providing EQ2 at no cost. Read to find out more!