Xiaoyi (Jen) Han

Former Outreach Intern

I was working as an outreach marketing intern. I chose to seek out an internship with Lionheart because it is a non-profit organization which I have never had a chance to step in. I hope I could learn about how a non-profit operates that I had no clue about. As a marketing student, this is definitely a great opportunity for me to have a deeper understanding of different industries and types of organizations. Also, I love what Lionheart is doing to help those different people with mental health by using various treatments. I also suffered from depressive disorder myself so while I was working for the company (reading all the materials) it also helped with my self improvement and I learned a lot.

I gained additional valuable experience in applying innovative media and marketing strategies. Thanks to Amanda, she introduced me to the use of the CRM system of Hubspot. This would be very useful for me in preparing for my future career. I was able to challenge myself and grow professionally by collaborating with people from different departments within the company.