Simon Perry

Former Outreach Intern

As an outreach intern for Lionheart, I work on Customer Relationship Management, website design, and data collection, organization and analysis. Broadly, I focus on the ways that Lionheart can better promote its materials to a target audience and connect with different organizations and people. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to contribute to Lionheart’s mission. For me, Lionheart’s ideology is so compelling because it can be applied to so many people in high-risk settings, and it focuses on improvement and forward-looking solutions. I felt instantly inspired when I first watched the introduction videos on the website and saw the profound impacts that Lionheart has had on people who have utilized Houses of Healing, Power Source, and their other resources.The Lionheart team had a clear vision of what needed to be done and when it needed to be completed. This made it easier for me to support them and complete the conversion in a relatively short amount of time.