Sasha Wong

Former Outreach Intern

I contribute to Lionheart by working on social media strategy, blog development, and content creation, mostly. I have been able to research and collect successful social media strategies which will help Lionheart gain the necessary social media traction to propel itself to the next level of growth. While I have worked on social media for other jobs, I have never been able to look at it from a non-profit perspective. This new viewpoint has been invaluable to me. My experience working with Lionheart has been absolutely amazing. At first, I was worried about how much I would be able to take from a virtual internship, but this experience has completely exceeded my expectations. I love working with a team of passionate, hard-working, and like-minded individuals. This internship has encouraged me to learn and grow in ways I did not expect. Though my work primarily focuses on social media, I have always been encouraged to pursue Lionheart projects that piqued my interest, regardless of whether or not they related to social media. This flexibility allowed me to pursue a project researching the importance of language as it related to Lionheart’s work. This project absolutely fascinated me and introduced me to a discussion which I had been previously unaware of. It is just one small example of the way that this internship has helped me grow as an individual, all while gaining valuable knowledge in my field.The Lionheart team had a clear vision of what needed to be done and when it needed to be completed. This made it easier for me to support them and complete the conversion in a relatively short amount of time.