Emilie Jaillot

Professional Volunteer

I’m working as a UX designer on the EQ2 mobile app redesign project with the Lionheart team, Marco Portigliatti, Jenny Jiang, as well as the DALI Lab. Together, we’re working to transform the EQ2 app into a platform that increases residential care staff’s wellbeing by helping them develop self-regulation skills, mindfulness and resiliency practices. Understanding the importance of the EQ2 program, what’s at stake and how our work with the EQ2 app can contribute to the program’s mission brings me a very strong sense of purpose. So far, the experience has been a source of great learnings for all. I am amazed by everyone’s ability to learn from each other, thus making the most out of our different backgrounds and respective expertises. I love the curiosity, the active listening and the constructive feedback that characterize our collaboration. All the people involved are very driven by the potential for impact inherent to this project, and I cannot stress enough how much of a pleasure it is to work with such a bright and empathic team — it never feels like work. Even if our collaboration has been fully remote, I feel that not only have I gained experience and had the chance to make a difference for others with the EQ2 app, but that I have also made friends. I wish this project wouldn’t end!