Ashley Spears

Former Outreach Intern

My role is outreach intern & I contribute to Lionheart by researching how to market the programs offered via social media to spread awareness of the profound work the organization does in pursuit of reaching a larger audience. Many incarcerated adults, at-risk youth, and teen parents would benefit from the social-emotional learning programs Lionheart offers but there is often a financial barrier. By spreading awareness about this important organization, the hope is that people would be motivated to donate and volunteer so that the Lionheart Foundation can help more people who are deserving of a chance to significantly change the course of their lives in a positive direction.

This has been such a rewarding experience working alongside great people who are very dedicated to helping people. From the beginning, I felt welcomed to the team and was eager to learn new skills and more about what it takes to run a nonprofit. I am grateful for this opportunity and connecting with Amanda, Jeanne, and the other outreach interns to share our ideas and check in on how everyone is doing has been something I look forward to weekly. I have a passion for helping people, especially those from marginalized groups and communities. I am a firm believer that incarcerated people have the ability to change their lives for the better when presented with the correct tools, resources, and support. I hope by the conclusion of my internship, the work I am able to do will benefit Lionheart and make a difference in at least one person’s life.