Aaron Qureshi

Former Data Management Intern

The Lionheart Foundation works to help multiple groups, but they tackle an issue that I've been interested in since starting my academic career. Looking back, I've taken the chance to examine the externalities resulting from a cycle of imprisonment many Americans find themselves stuck in. Groups of people around the nation are funneled into prison system loops, and unable to escape, endure dehumanizing treatment. The people at The Lionheart Foundation are actively trying hard to change this. Their social-emotional approaches are geared toward the roots of combatting high and increasing recidivism rates. Working for at-risk groups to enact meaningful changes, while not directly, provided a deeper meaning to my internship that I can take pride in. I was and still am greatly appreciative that I was chosen for this internship.

During my data management internship, I was responsible for handling assignments on Lionheart's CRM database. Specifically, using HubSpot, and under the guidance of the Lionheart team, I was able to learn how to manipulate HubSpot's comprehensive functions to manipulate data, form actionable lists of contacts, monitor issues related to email deliverability, and coordinate outreach templates to be distributed, among other duties.

My semester with Lionheart is one I'm sure to remember. I never felt like I had a lack of guidance with the wonderful support Jeanne and Amanda provided me. The work atmosphere at Lionheart revolves around teamwork, and I definitely felt like a member of the team right from the get-go. I gained valuable experience at Lionheart, including sharpening my problem-solving and research capabilities, which is sure to be helpful in my pursuit of a career in the financial industry. The Lionheart Foundation's work, people, and amazing culture will always make this internship experience dear to me. I hope to come back and volunteer in the near future.