Volunteers are often in demand at the Lionheart office to reach out to organizations nationwide, introduce them to our programs, and offer resources. Many of Lionheart’s volunteer projects can be done remotely. If you have interest, time, and some basic computer skills, reach out to us to inquire about possible volunteer opportunities.

Check out Lionheart’s current volunteer opportunities on Handshake or Catchafire:

Learn More About Our Dedicated Volunteers

Daniel Antonio Silva — HOH & PS Facilitator
Emilee Witowski — Intern
Emilie Jaillot — Professional Volunteer
Kathee Callan — HOH Facilitator
Alicia Persaud — Intern
Isabella Scopetski — Intern
Alice Hilton — Intern
Kendré Barnes — Professional Volunteer
Joanne Cunningham — HOH Facilitator
José Gonzalez — HOH & PS Facilitator
Becky Johnson — Professional Volunteer
Cecilia Ramirez — Professional Volunteer
Gisela Castillas — Intern
Jaime Rodriguez — HOH & PS Facilitator
Ashley Spears — Intern