Response from the Field

The Lionheart Foundation completed a three-year free outreach and distribution effort for Power Source in November 2007. More than 55,000 copies have been distributed to youth programs nationwide. With significantly diminished budgets, professionals everywhere were enormously grateful to receive multiple free copies. After receiving donated copies, many programs with budgets are choosing to purchase additional books and manuals. (Profits from these sales fund continued free distribution.) Many of these programs/agencies stand out including the following:

ROCA is a dynamic community center in Chelsea, MA with an outstanding national reputation in youth development. Power Source is being integrated into all programs for the youth they serve, including the “Key Program” which they conduct under a major grant from the Kellogg Foundation. ROCA has purchased more than 300 copies.

The MAAC Community Charter School with a strong Youth-Build USA component in Chula Vista, CA purchased 250 copies of Power Source for their students.

The New York City Board of Education – Region 5 – purchased over 250 copies of Power Source to utilize in programs for youth at risk in the NYC public school system.

The superintendent of Butte County Juvenile Hall in California purchased 410 copies of Power Source so that he could send every boy home with a copy.

Feedback on the Power Source program from both nationally recognized authorities on youth development and clinicians working directly with youth, has been exceptional. The eager reception from professionals speaks to the quality, flexibility and effectiveness of the program.

Power Source Survey

In July, 2004, The Lionheart Foundation emailed a Power Source survey to over 200 professionals who had access to Power Source for a length of time adequate enough to offer an informed response. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We heard from program managers, counselors, therapists, social workers, corrections and probation professionals, public school teachers and administrators in public and private facilities.

100% of respondents find Power Source to be beneficial to their group work with youth. The majority indicated that, among other positive indicators,

  • youth receive fewer rule infractions,
  • appear to have better anger management skills,
  • appear to have more insight into their offending/at-risk behavior, and
  • counselors reported a high level of group participation and engagement in Power Source groups, noticeably different from other programs.

“I would like to thank the Lionheart Foundation for reaching out to our facility and providing us with Power Source. I find the book to be an invaluable resource for use in group and individual therapy sessions. Often the youth ask to borrow copies to read on their own time in their cells. Affiliates of the “Crip” gang have completed a module on anger management and risk-taking. I have been able to retain every member of this group since its inception. I look forward to expanding my use of Power Source as my experiences so far have been overwhelmingly positive.”
Counselor, Los Angeles, CA

"Power Source speaks to the heart of issues facing youthful offenders. It gives them the tools and guidance they need to make positive choices in their troubled lives. This is a resource that I will promote to my staff, statewide, to use as a core curriculum. Simply put, this book needs to be mandatory reading for youth to heal from the inside out."
Gloria Vasquez, Counselor and Administrator for Youthful Offenders, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction