The Power Source Facilitator Manual (second edition)

Designed to assist staff and clinicians in implementing the Power Source Program, either individually or in groups. The newly revised manual is the product of a multi-year NIH funded randomized controlled trial conducted on the adolescent units of Rikers Island Correctional Facility, New York City’s largest jail complex. The manual is designed to be used with youth aged 14-19 in a variety of settings.


Features Offered in the Second Edition:


15 comprehensive modules targeting needs, risk factors, and opportunities for growth and resiliency-building that affect high-risk and trauma-impacted youth, such as:

    • Risk-taking
    • Self-concept
    • Family dynamics
    • Substance use
    • Trauma
    • Negative peer associations/gangs
    • Interpersonal relationships and boundaries
    • Environmental & social influences behind attitudes & behaviors
    • Accepting responsibility for harms caused, apologizing & making amends

The option to use only the first 3 modules as a short-term intervention

An Introductory Guide to the PS Program, including a robust theoretical review, as well as tools and tips to assist facilitators in program implementation, regardless of previous training or background. The Intro Guide reviews how to:

    • Introduce PS into your facility and ensure its success
    • Screen youth for participation
    • Set up and structure groups
    • Embody PS “Facilitator Presence”
    • Provide feedback on written work
    • Manage challenging participants and scenarios
    • Use creative adaptations and modifications to suit your population
    • Structure role-plays and games
    • Lead PS meditations games
    • Develop your own meditation practice


Included Within Each PS Module Is: 


    • A focus on resiliency and skill building, including innovative, interactive, and evidenced-based methods for increasing youths’ self-regulation skills
    • A variety of therapeutic exercises within each module aimed at increasing youth engagement and building meaningful relationships both among youth and between youth and facilitators, including: discussion topics for large Circle sharing, games and role-plays, vignettes, reflective written exercises, dyadic or small group activities, and relaxation, meditation, and visualization exercises;
    • Flexible implementation is a key component of the manual. Many modules have suggestions for additional PS Workbook activities or areas of focus, and we encourage facilitators to use different parts of the curriculum to meet the needs of your population;
    • A rationale for the inclusion of each topic presented in the manual within each module, goals to be accomplished for each module, and notes to facilitators to help guide the process. All modules offer a complete script to guide facilitators through the material, though we encourage facilitators to put things into their own words. 
    • Purchase of the manual comes with access to a variety of Online Resources including: supplemental PS exercises, role-plays, meditations and visualizations, and a repository of recorded meditations for use specifically with PS. 
    • Each module can be tailored to fit within your time parameters.

To learn more about the Power Source Program, view the video below:

Power Source Introduction Video


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