Power Source – Families – DVD – #3

Families: Where We Come From

“We can’t always control what our parents or family members will do, but we can determine whether we will act out these behaviors in our own lives. No matter where you come from, you have the power to make different choices.”

The primary purpose of the FAMILIES video is to explore intergenerationally transmitted family problems such as domestic violence, verbal and physical abuse, addiction, and incarceration. Identifying the presence of these cycles in one’s family is the first step in creating healthier legacies for these high-risk youth. Among other issues, youth are guided in identifying the emotions that these family issues cause and adaptive ways to deal with stress and trauma are introduced and reinforced.



  • Describes the various family problems that many high-risk adolescents experience
  • Explores the feelings elicited by discordant family situations
  • Investigates the connection between cycles of family problems and ones own negative high-risk behavior
  • Addresses intergenerational cycles of family problems
  • Explores the concept of resilience
  • Identifies and reinforces positive coping strategies to effectively manage difficult feelings stemming from family conflict
  • Reinforces the concept of the core self
  • Provides a guided meditation to reinforce this powerful self-regulatory skill

Time: 30 minutes
Throughout the Families video are clear cues to facilitate group discussion.


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Families: Where We Come From