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The Power Source Workbook provides a practical and tested resource to reinforce and expand upon the simple, but powerful skills covered in the book Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life. This addition to the Power Source programming family exists in an easily delivered format, placing minimal planning or training requirements on staff. 

The PS Workbook blends reading from the Power Source book with proven, change-promoting exercises and approaches. Carefully constructed to address the developmental tasks and challenges facing trauma-impacted youth, the Workbook focuses on increasing self-regulation capacities as well as increasing life and work readiness skills, situation selection and situation modification skills, active listening and communication skills, as well as goal setting.

Intended for each participant to keep their own copy, the Workbook can be used sequentially (starting at the beginning and moving through the material to the end) or by topic, selecting the most relevant sections for use with a group or individually, or alongside the PS Manual.

The Power Source Workbook is a flexibly administered curriculum that includes:

Highly Engaging Worksheets


Mindfulness Skills

Reflective Discussions

Restorative Justice circles

Everything you need to get started is right at your fingertips with the Power Source book and workbook. As a straight-forward, evidence-based resource, you can incorporate these ready-to-use materials into your existing programming right away.