Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual


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Revised Edition! The Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual is a guide for facilitating a 13-session course based on the book, Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom. It can be used by professionals within prison and jail systems or by volunteers. The manual includes rationales for each session citing academic research as well as handouts including mindfulness-based exercises, emotional competency building strategies, role plays, and more.


“I have received the new manual and have spent hours reading it. It is simply stellar! I am beginning a new HOH group feeling revitalized and current. Thank you.”  Prison Chaplain


In the introduction to the manual, author Robin Casarjian offers suggestions on how to approach facilitating a Houses of Healing program. If followed with fidelity, the 13-session program outlined in the manual reaps powerful results. Facilitators are welcome, however, to use the material in ways that suit their needs and facilitation style. Included with each week’s lessons are “Self-Work” handouts that can be duplicated for course participants. (These handouts are also included in the Making Time Count workbook.)

The course addresses numerous topics and draws from a variety of personal growth modalities, which include:

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation, emotional-regulation, and stress-management techniques
  • Learning cognitive reframing from cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Acknowledging, working with, and healing childhood trauma
  • Transforming anger, resentment, and unhealthy guilt and shame
  • Working with forgiveness
  • Acknowledging and working with grief, the “silenced emotion”
  • Acknowledging guilt and the impact of crime – victim awareness
  • Nurturing spiritual growth