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Risk-Taking: Life On The Edge

Our experience with youth at risk has shown us that the topic of risk-taking is a non-threatening point from which to embark upon the challenging work of self-reflection and the creation of positive change with young people. As a result, we begin the video series with the topic of risk-taking. Most Power Source groups begin with the risk-taking module. Providing facilitators with a dynamic video on risk-taking helps to ensure that members become engaged with the program from the onset.

Throughout the Risk-Taking video are clear and concise cues to facilitate group discussion. Time: 33:38 minutes


After providing a clear definition of negative high-risk behavior, the video is presented in 10 segments addressing:

Naming high-risk behaviors

Why do kids take risks?

Outer situations that can trigger high-risk behaviors

Thoughts and feelings that trigger high-risk behaviors

Consequences of high-risk behavior


Drugs and Alcohol

Standing up to peers

How to feel good without the high-risk

New ways to look at high-risk behavior

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Risk-Taking: Life On The Edge