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Meditation: It’s Not What You Think.

A core component of the Power Source program is meditation. We think of it as the “quiet motor” that drives the program in terms of creating personal change, managing intense emotions, increasing distress tolerance and impulse control, and facilitating relaxation.

Time: Part 1, 18:23 minutes Part 2, 15 minutes


Provides group participants with basic meditation instruction

Explores how meditation contributes to creating personal change, managing intense emotions, and facilitating relaxation.

Depicts group members’ experiences with meditation evolving over time

Addresses many frequently asked questions about meditation practice

Shows youth speaking about how meditation has had a positive impact on their lives

Provides a separate 15-minute guided meditation in addition to the documentary-style portion of the video

To Facilitators:

We have found that meditation falls outside of many facilitators’ (clinicians’) comfort zone. To help familiarize both facilitator’s and youth with meditation, we have created this two-part video.

This video follows a different format from others in the Power Source series. The first of the two segments is designed to be shown in its entirety without interruption. It chronicles a group of ten young people over a period of 8 sessions (once a week for an hour) learning about meditation. In addition to basic meditation instruction, some of the most frequently asked questions about meditation are addressed. Youth are shown becoming increasingly involved in the practice. At the end of the segment the youth speak to the personal benefits that meditation has had in their lives including an improved ability to manage intense emotions such as anger and stress.

The second segment of the video is a 15-minute guided meditation. After the brief introduction to this segment there are no images projected onto the screen for the remainder of the segment. This is intended to help youth focus inward during the meditation. This segment can be repeated from week to week, using the audio portion only.

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Meditation: It’s Not What You Think (VHS)