Making Time Count – 6-Session Workbook


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Available Now!! Making Time Count – 6-Session Edition is the companion workbook designed to be used in conjunction with the book Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom.

The 6-session Making Time Count Workbook provides a short version of the Making Time Count self-study program (13-session edition). This abbreviated version of Making Time Count was first created to provide programming for men in the San Quentin Reception Center all of whom were just starting their sentence. It can be used by any incarcerated individual but is especially useful for (1) those just starting a sentence and (2) those with a short sentence (the 13-session edition is recommended for those with more than six months remaining prior to release).

The restricted movement in prisons and jails resulting from the COVID pandemic has increased the need for high-quality programming that can take place regardless of an individual’s ability to participate in out-of-cell programming.

Until recently, The Houses of Healing (HOH) program was largely delivered through groups using the Houses of Healing Facilitator Manual, conducted by staff, volunteers, and in some cases, incarcerated individuals. The new Making Time Count self-study workbook significantly increases the number of people with access to this life-changing program, allowing individuals with restricted movement to receive the same high-impact programming without relying on the presence of HOH groups.

This 6-session Making Time Count (MTC) edition leads participants through an abbreviated version of the nationally recognized Houses of Healing program using clear, easy-to-follow instructions, exercises, and activities. Making Time Count provides access to a proven and effective program to anyone with a modest reading level, a pen or pencil, and a willingness to engage in rehabilitative programming.

Making Time Count is a self-study program designed to be used in conjunction with the book Houses of Healing. Can be used individually, in groups and in one-on-one counseling.