All Five Power Source Posters




Buy all 5 at significant savings.  $89.95 (regularly $24.95 each)

The Power Source Posters provide a dynamic and visually engaging tool for working with the Power Source Program.   This four-poster series serves as a visual  reminder of the skills and concepts presented in the Power Source program.

Posters both broaden and intensify the impact of Power Source and further empower at-risk youth to build the skills associated with healthy social and emotional development. Serving as a constant reminder, these powerful images portray relevant information efficiently and effectively.  Vibrant and captivating, the posters attract the attention of youth and are presented in a format that youth can quickly understand and engage with ease.

The series includes:

  • The Core Self Poster (Male/Female) – Provides a powerful visual reminder of the identity model taught in the Power Source Program.
  • The Cool Thoughts Poster – Emphasizes the critical role thoughts play in de-escalating situations and helping youth keep their personal power.
  • The When in Doubt Poster – Reinforces the importance of Situation Selection and Modification when it comes to identifying and avoiding high-risk places and people.
  • The Stop, Breathe, and Choose Poster – Highly visually engaging, this poster offers youth an environmental cue to use this simple and effective self-regulation skill.

Embraced by youth, the Power Source Posters will help create an inviting and dynamic learning environment for the adolescents you serve.  The posters augment the Power Source Book and the Power Source Workbook, equipping  adolescents with the social and emotional regulation skills they need to build healthy relationships, break intergenerational cycles of violence, high-risk behaviors, and be successful in the workforce.

Power Source Posters measure 24″ X 36″ and are printed in full color on 100 lb. poster paper.