What Prisoners Say About Houses of Healing

 What Prisoners Say About Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom

“Thank you, my search is over, after two years of incarceration, three years of sobriety, and forty-two years of pain. I’ve finally found someone who looked into my heart and soul . . You identified the secreted anger, loss, pain, denial and causes of criminal behavior. You gave us a “How To” manual on surviving prison. You gave us a practical and spiritual guide out of this nightmare time loop in hell.”
Frank, Danville Correction Center, Danville, IL

“This book has touched a part of my life I’ve been trying to forget. I cried so much when I was reading it. . . See, I got a beautiful little son who is everything to me. I realize I must do something about myself before I will ever be able to be half the father I wanted as a child. . . I would just like to say thank you for the hope.”
Michael, Berks County Prison, Leesport, PA

“I’ve been through three $15,000 30-day programs. I have read all of the AA literature, the NA book, and a lot of self-help books. I could go on but I think you get the picture. It is your book that has helped me come to terms with why I am how I am.”
Mark, State Prison, Susanville, CA

“This course has given me a new outlook and a new direction. It has been a transforming light in a darkening world.”
Victor, Northeast Correctional Center, Concord, MA

“I want to tell you how wonderful your book is and how lucky I am to be involved in your teachings. For the first time in my life I see progress, and that has never been a fact ever before. The book is my only escape to find comfort. Being in jail, sometimes, there’s limited people to share with. When I have emotions that I don’t understand I simply pick up your book and read myself into better understanding of my problems.”
Dan, Billerica House of Corrections, Billerica, MA

“I think Houses of Healing is the best therapeutic book I’ve ever read. I’ve got more out of it in a few nights than I have had in years of psychotherapy and drug counseling.”
Doug, SWICC, East St. IL

” . . . It is as if it was written not for me but to me. . . I have read many books about issues like these but none came close to this one.”
Jose, Sheridan Correctional Center, Sheridan, IL

“Houses of Healing helped me to gain a greater perspective on myself and how I’ve contributed to my situation and my life. . .The book reached a place in my head that before was pretty buried and unreachable. I came away with a sense of hope for myself and my life that before I had definitely been without. . . I realize I’m valuable, worth saving and worth the continued effort.”
Rose, New Hampshire State Prison for Women

“I can’t begin to tell you in words the impact your words have made within myself. Your book has touched me so deeply that every time I open it, I anticipate the feeling of sadness and hope and a determination of fulfillment.”
Richard, Texas State Prison, Palestine, TX

“I started reading Houses of Healing . . .and within 15 minutes I was dumbfounded.. . You helped me reach pain that you seemed to know was there better than myself, and no one has ever shown me how to work with that pain as deftly as you did.”
J.H., London Correctional Institution, London, OH

“I was recently enlightened by your book, Houses of Healing. This particular prison offers a 15-week study into the book and it is there that I really learned so much about myself and how to deal with many situations. It is people like you that give many people like me the will and courage to go on.”
John, State Correctional Institution, Albion, PA

“I found Houses of Healing in the dayroom one day, and grabbed it just to have something in my cell. It sat in my cell for close to a year, occasionally being used to write letters on, or just collect dust. I was really going through some hard times, with my conviction, losing everything… I had the typical “rough life” growing up, had a prior prison term, etc… and I’d never gave a second attention to spirituality, emotional healing, forgiveness, etc… to put it plain and simple. I was close minded and set in my ways… I got into a fight with guards one day and was put into isolation for the rest of my time at the jail. There are only 4 cells in this section of the jail and 90% of the time I was there by myself. I’d arrived! Rock bottom. Well, I read ‘Houses of Healing’ out of pure boredom. The feelings I got from the lessons and concepts Robin put in there, is just how Christians describe when they “see the light”. I don’t believe in organized religion! But thanks to that book, I’ve discovered spirituality, love and forgiveness. It gave me strength and started me on my journey of peace and tranquility. Right now, I’m still in “lock-down” unit because of my violent past and old prison gang affiliations, but I’m getting pretty close to getting a chance to go to general population again soon. Once I’m able, I plan to join, or start an “emotional healing & support” group to share what I’ve learned with others. I’m pretty good at relating to others, and I think it will be very successful… I have truly changed my life, which is amazing, because up until now, nothing else has. I have roughly nine more years to do, and I plan on continuing to share these ideas with others once I’m released.”
Roger, CA State Prison, Ione, CA

“This letter is to say thank you because this program, without any question, saved my life. I still have a lot of time to do here, but you know what? It’s not important to me because one day I will walk out of here a new man, with a better outlook on life, but most importantly, a better look on myself. My life means something now. I may not be the man I want to be yet, but with this program I am not the man I used to be.”

“I’ve always had a problem with forgiving people but I’ve learned how because of this course. I’ve learned how to respect and treat people the way I wanted to be treated. I’ve learned how to open up and talk to someone about any problem I might have. This course was a life-changing experience.”
David TN DOC

“I can now acknowledge that I have been closed out from my inner-most emotions and only would show my emotions as RAGE! Now, after completing this course, and actually applying myself to gain comfort in who I really am, I can honestly say that I have a soft side. Everything doesn’t have to come out as rage, but as true harmless emotions. Houses of Healing has opened new and glorious doors for me. My dignity has been restored and I can now move on as a new man.”