HOH Correspondence Course

The Lionheart Foundation has launched the One-on-One Houses of Healing Correspondence Course. If you choose to volunteer, Lionheart will give you the name and address of an incarcerated individual who has agreed to all the requirements. If you plan to sign up as a facilitator of the correspondence course, please read:  Prisoner Participant Introduction and Agreement. Volunteers (U.S. Residents Only) are also required to sign a facilitator agreement.

While The Lionheart Foundation encourages in–prison facilitators, it is now reaching out to mature adults who can offer about 2 hours a month right from home. Lionheart’s One-on-One Houses of Healing Correspondence Course matches volunteer facilitators with students – inmates, men and women, in isolation/administrative segregation in state and federal prisons who are likely to be there for a minimum of 6 months. Prisoners do not have access to the volunteer facilitator’s home address and, if desired, volunteers can use an alias if they are not comfortable using their actual name.  All correspondence from prisoners will be sent to Lionheart’s mailbox and then forwarded to you.

The 13-session correspondence course, based on the groundbreaking book, Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom  (140,000+ copies in circulation), includes a detailed facilitator’s manual and lessons (in pdf format) to be printed and mailed to the prisoner from session to session. The course is designed to be completed within 6 to 8 months.

The main role of the volunteer facilitator is to send the weekly assignments and encourage the participant by offering some written feedback and a steady and accepting presence through the 13-sessions while encouraging the prisoner to engage in this challenging work. Once the volunteer facilitator is familiar with the course content (has read the book Houses of Healing and reviewed the Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual), it will likely take about 45 to 60 minutes per session to respond to the participant. (Because of the time for mail processing, sessions can take up to two to three weeks to be returned to the facilitator.)  In the process of facilitating this course, volunteers may also have a profoundly transformative experience.


“I couldn’t be more impressed with the content and structure of the Houses of Healing correspondence course.  Plus it allows someone like me who lives 160 miles from the nearest prison without a car to do some really rewarding volunteer work.  Thank you for this opportunity!”

Bill F., HOH Correspondence Course Facilitator

 “I have been a board member of the Lionheart Foundation for 20 years. The program is so exceptional that I don’t have words powerful enough to describe it. I have watched Houses of Healing grow and bring peace and healing to thousands of prisoners. Please join this exciting adventure by becoming a Houses of Healing One-on-One Correspondence Course facilitator.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.


Volunteers are required to purchase the Houses of Healing book and facilitator’s manual, offered at a significantly reduced price.  There is also a $20 “Matching” fee for volunteers who wish to be matched with a prisoner. This fee covers the cost of the Houses of Healing book that is sent to the prisoner and a portion of the postage and handling fees for forwarding the prisoner mail to the volunteer.  This fee will be waived for anyone for whom it is prohibitive.  Lionheart would love to waive this fee for everyone, however, we are a small organization carrying out a large and expensive mission. Thank you for your understanding and support.

To register and become a Correspondence Course Facilitator Click Here


Lionheart also offers a Free Online Prison Volunteer Training Program for people who are interested in facilitating the Houses of Healing program in a prison or jail. This program consists of reading the book and manual and viewing 4 hours and 15 minutes of video. A free monthly conference call (until June, 2015) is offered for people who register for the training. 20 CEUs are also available. For more information about the Free Online Prison Volunteer Training Program,  Click Here.