The Houses of Healing Video Series

Used by prison professionals to enhance the houses of healing programThe Houses of Healing Video Series is a 10-session series (available in DVD format) designed to assist in the delivery of the Houses of Healing course. Each video is 15-30 minutes in length. In the series, taped in part on location during course instruction at a county jail and a state prison in Massachusetts, author and educator Robin Casarjian presents key concepts from Houses of Healing. Intimate scenes of prisoners working with the Houses of Healing course material add power and immediacy to the viewing experience. Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Laurel Chiten produced the series.


The video series can be used in several ways:

  • To complement the content of the book
  • To supplement a facilitated Houses of Healing program
  • To complement other existing programs (substance abuse, anger management, life skills, etc.)
  • As a tool for staff training
  • As a course or educational resource by itself (e.g., viewed through institutional closed circuit TV systems)

“I have been facilitating the Houses of Healing course for 10 years and I would not think of facilitating even one class without the videos. Before I showed the first video, I thought the men might laugh or behave poorly. After a brief introduction, I showed the video and the room was so silent one could literally hear a pin drop. The sharing after was lively and meaningful. Robin’s teachings about each lesson’s content is exceptionally well done. Additionally, the inmates on the film speak directly to the experience and challenges that the inmates in our groups face. Also, a closed circuit TV system was recently installed within the six prisons that make up the Philadelphia Prison System. One of the programs selected for broadcast throughout the system is the showing of videos 1-4 in the Houses of Healing series.”