The Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual


Professional manual used by prison professionals to teach Houses of HealingThe Houses of Healing Facilitator’s Manual is a guide for facilitating a 13-session course based on the book, Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom. The course addresses numerous topics and draws from a variety of personal growth modalities, which include:

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation, emotional-regulation, and stress-management techniques
  • Learning cognitive reframing from cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Acknowledging, working with, and healing childhood trauma
  • Transforming anger, resentment, and unhealthy guilt and shame
  • Working with forgiveness
  • Acknowledging and working with grief, the “silenced emotion”
  • Acknowledging guilt and the impact of crime – victim awareness
  • Nurturing spiritual growth

In the introduction to the manual, author Robin Casarjian offers suggestions on how to approach facilitating a Houses of Healing course. If followed with fidelity, the 13-session program outlined in the facilitator’s manual reaps powerful results. Facilitators are welcome, however, to use the material in ways that suit their needs and facilitation style. Included with each week’s lessons are “Self Work” handouts that can be duplicated for course participants.


The new HOH facilitator’s manual is the most elegant, concise, and well-conceived training guide currently available in the field of emotional literacy.  The overview of evidence-based research on which the program is based is up-to-date and extremely useful as a rationale.  It positions HOH as what it is – a leader in the forefront of interventions that cultivate psychological growth, emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.  Each session is so clearly outlined that even facilitators new to HOH can deliver a high quality intervention, simultaneously deepening into and embodying the skills that they are teaching.  This work can be used in a multitude of venues and, as you know, I am passionate about bringing it into the arena of addiction recovery and rehabilitation outside of the correctional setting.  HOH is the best of the best and I’m humbled and privileged to be on the Board of Lionheart, witnessing the continuous evolution of its programs and their expanding reach.                                                                                                               Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a national leader in the area of mind-body health.


I have been facilitating Anger Management for both men and women at Riverhead Correctional, a maximum-security facility, for almost five years and have been working with inmates and former inmates for 26 years.  I use Houses of Healing almost exclusively.  Your book is life changing and has set countless lives on the path to recovery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Forensic Intervention Specialist

This past Monday I met with a few women whom I had taught earlier in the fall.  It was their opinion that, without a doubt, the Houses of Healing Program is the most powerful program that is being offered to inmates, bar none.  They felt that the material, the class discussions, and the personal writing of the program helped them peel off layers of hurt and denial, giving them a window of understanding into the past and the tools and resilience to plan for the future.  I can’t tell you how wonderful I felt to be a part of that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       HOH Volunteer Facilitator