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The National Emotional Literacy Project for Prisoners

The National Emotional Literacy Project for Prisoners is achieved through:

  • The free distribution of the book, Houses of Healing: A Prisoner’s Guide to Inner Power and Freedom, to prison libraries and prison programs nationwide. *Books have been offered to
    • every state and federal prison and larger county jail in the United States
    • prison staff and chaplains seeking to start up Houses of Healing programs or to augment existing programs such as life skills, anger management, violence prevention, and substance abuse treatment (when funds to purchase books are not available)
    • Prisoners who request a personal copy of Houses of Healing and are unable to afford the reduced prisoner rate

    Funds generated by sales of Houses of Healing resources are channeled back into the project to help pay for continued free book distribution. The most recent outreach and free distribution effort ended 12/31/12.

  • Providing professional training for frontline correctional professionals nationwide.
  • Participating in public education efforts to engender a more rational and enlightened approach to violence prevention, sentencing, and incarceration in the U.S.

Houses of Healing has become an integral part of prison programming. With 170,000 copies in circulation, in both English and Spanish, Houses of Healing can be found in prisons across the country, where substance abuse and mental health counselors, educators, chaplains, administrators, volunteers and prisoners alike are praising its positive impact.

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