Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life excerpt “Our Anger – Our Choice”

09/08/17 0

The Lionheart Foundation’s Power Source Program for At-Risk Youth is a trauma-informed, social-emotional learning program gives highly at-risk adolescents effective ways to acquire basic emotional literacy skills – the absence of which have been shown to be pivotal in emotional, academic and social difficulties and the presence of which serve as positive anchors in the present and into adulthood.  The centerpiece of the program is a book: Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life written by Robin Casarjian and Dr. Bethany Casarjian.  Below is an excerpt from the book. To learn more click here:  https://lionheart.org/youth_at_risk/the-power-source-program/

Our Anger, Our Choice

When you hold on to anger, it’s like saying to another person, “Here, you can have my power. Here, you can have my happiness. I’ll just give them to you.”  If you are angry at a person, imagine walking up to them and saying that.  Sound ridiculous?  Well, if you’re holding on to your anger, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Each time our anger is triggered, we have a choice.  We can throw gasoline on the fire by the things we tell ourselves.  Or we can choose to cool ourselves down with calming thoughts and anger management tools.  In the end, It’s a choice you make.  It’s a choice about real power.  Remember, anger sucks our energy and power away from us.  Nobody feels good walking around angry.  You might fool yourself into thinking you do.  But try feeling in charge of yourself for a while and you’ll never want to go back.