Power Source Parenting for Teen Parents

15/04/19 0

The Lionheart Foundation’s curriculum, Power Source Parenting (PSP), is designed to give teen parents the guidance and skills they need to become loving, effective parents and raise healthy children.  PSP is a practical, accessible, and innovative book/curriculum written for teen and young adult parents and the professionals who support them.

The book, Power Source Parenting: Growing Up Strong and Raising Healthy Kids, is the centerpiece of the project.  Among topics included in the book are:

  • Creating a healthy attachment to one’s child
  • Coping with the stress of parenting in adaptive ways
  • Implementing positive discipline practices
  • Managing three generational living
  • Establishing healthy relationships with partners
  • Breaking cycles of domestic violence
  • Bringing awareness to patterns of high-risk behavior and it’s effects on one’s children
  • A section for fathers that addresses becoming a father in the wake of a fatherless upbringing and helping young fathers identify possible contributions not contingent upon finances.

Power Source Parenting can be read by young parents on their own, or the concepts, exercises, and numerous first-hand stories by young parents can be introduced and explored in facilitated parenting groups or during individual home visits, or counseling sessions.

Special pricing and free shipping (with the U.S.) is available throughout April 2019.

Read more:  https://lionheart.org/youth/the_power_source_parenting_program/

To order:  https://lionheart.org/resources_for_prisoner_at_risk_youth_teen_parents/order/#power-source-parenting