Power Source Parenting Course in Teen Living Center

16/12/16 0

Dr. Bethany Casarjian has just finished another class with young mothers at one of a number of teen living centers in Boston.  The class is based on Lionheart’s “Power Source Parenting Program”.  The young mothers participating in many of the classes, offered for Free, have demonstrated gains in parenting sensitivity and attunement, greater levels of parenting competence, increased levels of attachment to their children, greater levels of perceived support from their partners, and improved knowledge of parent/child roles.

Lionheart is committed to securing a loving start for children at risk and has donated more than 20,000 free copies of the book, Power Source Parenting: Growing Up Strong and Raising Healthy Kids, to thousands programs nationwide.

To learn more about Power Source Parenting follow the link below:  https://lionheart.org/youth/the_power_source_parenting_program/


What young mothers have to say:

“I learned how to actually bond with my daughter because we always had a little issue where she wouldn’t listen to me. And she’s starting to listen to me now. The sheets you guys give us on learning how to talk to them, hold them, play with them, look them in the eyes… like she likes that. She likes the attention.  My temper is just a bit off.  When she doesn’t do something, I get really angry. Like I don’t hit her, but I yell. And now I’ve learned how to talk to her.  Everyone liked this group. It was just helpful because we all have kids and we all have trouble handling them. It made it a lot easier.  I just want to say thank you. It really helped me with her.”   Tiffany 16 years old

“Power Source Parenting group really helped me out with punishment. It taught me a lot about how to deal with temper tantrums and so much more.  Its like I see parenting in another way now. I don’t want my baby going though what I went through. Like no love shown to me. I want to give him all the love I got.”
Ginny 17 years old

The Lionheart Foundation, Boston, MA