Lionheart’s Houses of Healing Program for Prisoners

16/10/19 0

At the core of The Lionheart Foundation’s National Emotional Literacy Project for Prisoners is the Houses of Healing Program, a powerful 13-session rehabilitation curriculum (book, facilitator manual, and video series) created specifically for prisoners and the formerly incarcerated. The centerpiece of this program is the book Houses of Healing: A Prisoners Guide to Inner Power and Freedom.  Houses of Healing (HOH) is a research driven, trauma-informed, cognitive-behavioral, emotional literacy (re)habilitation curriculum designed to offer skillful guidance and equip prisoners with the tools to effectively manage emotions, take stock of and heal the unresolved trauma that often plays a role in propelling criminal behavior, take responsibility for offending behavior, and change life-long patterns of violence and addiction in order to build productive lives.

Houses of Healing is being offered in prisons and jails across the country.  In California, the CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) is sponsoring the program in numerous prisons through the Innovative Grants Program.

Listen to what attendees who will learn how to facilitate the program to other prisoners have to say:

“Houses of Healing helped me to become vulnerable enough to see my

weaknesses. This is where the true work begins. I have learned how to be

proactive instead of reactive.”

“Houses of Healing has impacted my life by opening my eyes to thoughts and

feelings I didn’t know I had or still had. It provided me ways in which to bring my

life in balance.”

“HOH Program has come to have a profound impact on me. Through this program

I’ve come to see that I am worthy of forgiveness, which in turn allowed me to see

others as worthy of forgiveness as well.”

“I’m really glad I joined the class cause I was given great advice and insight. I

learned a lot about myself and experiences that affected me in a profound way

and shaped a lot about the path I took in life. I’ve learned how to become a better

person who is in control.”

“Even though you may not want to talk or participate, you often will find yourself

participating and talking.”

“Some of the most rewarding or positive experiences of being an insider-facilitator

for the HOH Program were being able to help others find a better and more

productive path in life. Seeing the change in people when they understand “why”

and gain hope for the future. Learning and connecting with others and feeling a

sense of purpose and value. I can have an impact on life, both mine and others…

sharing in the honesty and vulnerability of others as they open up.”

“Serving as an insider-facilitator has reconnected me with my journey, made me

appreciate my opportunities and the people who’ve helped me grow and has

reaffirmed my commitment to the change I want. It gave me leadership skills and

tools to really communicate.”

“I will seek out opportunities to facilitate this program because the program is a

continuous process of self-healing. It is a great form of therapy. I have grown

intellectually and emotionally.”

“This class has helped me to open up on past matters that have been destroying

my life.”