Lionheart’s Houses of Healing Offered to Prisoners in Solitary Confinement

23/10/19 0
Solitary ConfinementThe Houses of Healing Self-Study Course for Prisoners in Solitary ConfinementThe Houses of Healing Self-Study Program for Prisoners in Solitary Confinement delivered programming to more than 500 prisoners in the SHU at 3 California prisons. Death row inmates at CA’s San Quentin prison are also in solitary confinement and Lionheart is now offering the program there as well. To date, 35 men on death row have participated. Feedback from the men in both the SHU and death row implores us to keep offering the program even though it is no longer funded by the CDCR.  Word of mouth by the prisoners and enthusiastic endorsement by staff keep requests coming in.
“I recommend [this course to others] because it not only teaches you how to interact with yourself, it also contains exercises that develop the skills you need. One of the things I didn’t appreciate in my life was when people said I should change, but then wouldn’t show me how. I’m not saying my behavior was anyone’s fault, but how do you ask a blind person to describe the color blue if they’ve never seen it? How can you? – they have no point of reference. Same philosophy applies when asking someone to think in new ways.”  San Quentin Death Row
“Houses of Healing has been a turning point in my journey. It has helped me heal and for that I am extremely grateful… I can go on and on about how it’s impacted me but if I had to break it down to one word I would say I feel purified.”  Pelican Bay State Prison SHU, CA
The Houses of Healing Self-Study Program for Prisoners in Solitary was underwritten by a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Innovative Grant. This program is currently available to CDCR prisoners only.  Prison systems are welcome to inquire about the program if they are interested in making it available to prisoners within their solitary units.