Lionheart’s Clinical Director to Keynote at Upcoming Conference (2020)

13/11/19 0

Dr. Bethany Casarjian, Lionheart’s Clinical Director, will be the keynote speaker at the William James College Conference to be held in Newton, MA in May 2020.  The conference will address the topic of trauma-informed practices to improve outcomes for children, adolescents, and families of underserved communities.  Dr. Casarjian was asked to address the deleterious impacts of trauma on youth from historically marginalized backgrounds and on best practices and trauma-informed interventions for at-risk youth and families. In addition, she will speaking about Lionheart’s newest program, EQ2,   designed to support direct-care staff working with high-risk, trauma-impacted youth, particularly those who have been involved in the child welfare or juvenile detention systems.

Lionheart’s EQ2 program begins by increasing staffs’ awareness of youth trauma behavior, helping staff build relationship-focused competencies and expanding crisis intervention knowledge. What is unique about the EQ2 approach, however, is the focus on building staff’s own social and emotional skills including increased awareness of their emotional state when working with youth to prevent crisis, learning personalized cognitive-behavioral strategies to help staff co-regulate with youth, learning how to return to “emotional baseline” after stressful incidents, and building stress management and resiliency skills to handle the emotional fallout that is common when working with trauma-impacted youth.

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