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With your subscription to EQ2 every person in your agency will have access to the EQ2 App. The EQ2 App provides staff with a toolkit of trauma-informed concepts and self-regulation skills that can be revisited over and over. The app includes:

  • the Daily Check-In to help staff build their emotional awareness with the understanding that emotions are contagious and how staff emotionally show up impacts their fellow staff, the youth they serve, and the larger emotional climate of the agency
  • dozens of spoken animated videos designed to support staff with key EQ2 concepts and skills such as Stop, Breathe, and Choose and Mindful Underreaction
  • range of guided meditations and visualizations that can be played during EQ2 groups or listened to away from work to help build staff resiliency
  • structured resources to provide high-quality supervision to direct care staff

Self-regulation and relationship skills take repeated practice to “stick.” The EQ2 app offers exposure to these skills as well as to supportive practices that build staff’s resiliency and lower the impact of secondary traumatic stress.

Feel free to use the app flexibly.

  • as part of “on-boarding” new staff
  • as “homework” for staff who need practice with specific skills

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